Little girl litter-picking a vergeELIZABETH in Year 2 has always had the habit at home of picking up any litter that finds its way onto her drive or front garden.

But in April she saw a man, waiting in his car at a level crossing, roll down his window and throw all his rubbish onto the road. Elizabeth was so indignant that a so-called ‘grown up’ could do such a thing that she decided she had to do something about it.

At first, she thought she would draw posters with a positive message and put them up around her road but her mum explained that they might, sadly, just end up as litter too…

So Elizabeth said “I’ll have to show them then, and then maybe it will make people think about it.” A natural campaigner, Elizabeth looked for a name to call her mission (which back in April was just to try and keep her own road clean). The one-child ‘Little Collector’ campaign was born!

Her parents started up a Facebook page to help spread Elizabeth’s message around and quickly a few children joined her (including three from Kingsmead) so together they could clean local play parks: the ‘Little Collector Crew’ had formed.

Elizabeth with her teacher and a Council RangerSince then Elizabeth and her ‘crew’ have joined forces with the Rangers at Birkenhead Park. The Little Collector Crew meets there once a month on Sunday afternoons to collect litter and to take part in other fun activities. The sessions – which all began because of one small girl’s outrage at an adult’s thoughtlessness – provide environmental awareness and outdoor fun for all the Little Collectors…  (and their parents – because we are never too old to be reminded of the right way to behave)!

• Pictured here with Mrs Mallery and Elizabeth is Laura from Birkenhead Park Visitor Centre, who has worked with Elizabeth and encouraged her litter-picking venture in the park.