Monday 6th February 10.15am in the Dining Room

Dear Parents

There will be a bake sale on Monday 6th February in order to raise money for the Schools charity, Compassion.

All baking entries will be gratefully received and will be sold during break time, from 10.15am in the Dining Room. I will be in reception on the Monday morning to receive all the donated produce.

Please could I ask for either biscuits, small pastries (eg. jam tarts) or small, individual cakes eg. iced sponge, cupcakes/butterfly cakes. This is to avoid having to cut/slice cakes for convenience and safety.

If your children would like to enter the ‘Bake Off’ competition, then they simply need to add a photograph of themselves during the baking process together with their name and form with their produce. There will be no charge for entries.

Prizes will be awarded for the winner and runner up in all three categories:

Biscuits, Pastries and Cakes

Entries will be judged before 10.15am and the winners will be announced on Tuesday morning, 7th Feb.

If you would like to see the judging criteria, together with a poster for this event, please refer to the attachments with this email.

It is quite alright for children entering the competition to receive help and guidance during the bake, providing that they have had some input.

Thank you in advance for all your support and encouragement and I look forward to receiving your donations and entries on Monday.

Mr Rees