The Wirral Civic Award was set up over 30 years ago for children who are not old enough to complete the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme.  To achieve the awards children have to show that they have completed projects showing a greater awareness of Wirral, become more independent and self-reliant, provided service to others, made progress on physical activities and made wise use of leisure time.

The scheme is not concerned with meeting a specific standard but with making the most of each child’s individual abilities.  The scheme has four progressive levels named after streams on the Wirral:  Arrowe, Birket, Clatter and Dibben.

Joshua has completed up to Birket level and recently received his badge and certificate which were presented at an official ceremony by the Mayor of Wirral at Wallasey Town Hall.  He is currently working towards his Clatter award.

Our picture (unfortunately taken in very challenging lighting conditions) just shows Joshua receiving his award!