Our Great Kingsmead Bake Off and Cake Sale saw everyone ‘rise’ to the occasion… and together we had a lot of fun and raised £158.70 for Compassion.

All the entries to the GKBO were of a high standard and were very gratefully received. Unsurprisingly, the cake category was the most popular with a range of colourful, original and tasty entries… There were no entries in the pastry category so an additional category was hastily created to include all the brownies, rocky roads and gluten-free cakes that had been entered. Judging was done by a panel of three (Mrs Gelder, Miss Davies and Mr Rees) who looked at, prodded, poked and then tasted all the fabulous produce. (Well someone had to, didn’t they?) Their scoring was broken into three categories:

  • External characteristics (shape, appearance) – 30
  • Internal characteristics (texture, grain) – 30
  • Flavour – 40

The results were added to form a total score out of a 100. And the winners were (roll of drums)….

The Cake category joint winners, each with a score of 82 were Milly Beedles and Nora Varga. The only-just-pipped runner up, with a score of 80 was Blythe Mellor. In the Biscuits category, the winner, with a score of 77, was Ben Wilson and joint runners-up, each with a score of 72, were Katie Davison, and Thomas Bush.  In our last minute category for Brownies, Rocky Roads and Gluten-Free bakes the overall winner with a score of 86 was Kate Nicholson.

Not all the cakes were judged; a lot of pupils, parents and staff also gave up their free time to donate produce for the cake sale, which took place in the school dining room from 10am until 10.45am.

A very big thank you to everyone who supported the event, and a special well done to all the winners and runners-up.