Dear Parents

With the end of term drawing near, I wanted to take this opportunity to invite you to our end of term events.

This Friday, 9th December, we have our Christmas Fayre starting at 3.30pm for the Infants and 4.15pm for the Juniors and the Seniors. Please accompany Infant and Junior children who are intending to join in all the fun at the Fayre which is organised by our excellent Friends of Kingsmead team. Do feel welcome to join Friends of Kingsmead, as it looks to provide social gatherings for us all at Kingsmead. The next meeting is Wednesday 18th January at 4.30pm, if you come to reception we will show you the way!

As I write this we have already enjoyed the afternoon performance of ‘Born in a Barn’. I am so impressed, not only with the visual spectacle that our youngest children have created, but also with their ability to learn so many words. Congratulations to all the Early Years and Key Stage 1 children and their teachers (and parents!). Still to come on the performance front is the second viewing of ‘Born in a Barn’, tonight at 6pm. This is followed on Thursday at 6pm by our Junior Department Christmas Celebration.

All of this brings us to next week when we have our annual Carol Service at St Luke’s Methodist Church in Hoylake. The Service, which starts at 3pm and lasts about an hour, is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the start of Christmas together and all parents and wider family are warmly invited to join us for this lovely, traditional occasion. If you do join us, please do not park in the Church driveway as we need to get various mini buses in and out. All Junior and Senior children will need to be picked up from St Luke’s by 4.15pm. The Infants may be picked up from 12.30pm and by 2pm, parents of Infant children are very welcome to bring them to St Luke’s for the Carol Service. If your child normally is on the School Bus, which will leave at 4.15pm from St Luke’s, Mrs Weaver will send you a letter please return the reply slip so that we all know how your child will be getting home that day.

Moving on to next term…. In the Senior Department, we are focusing on developing our students’ ability to work and revise independently. With that in mind, Years 7, 10 and 11 will have exams in the first half of next term. Your children will have revision set by their teachers for the Christmas holidays, please do help them plan and structure their revision over the course of the holidays. This ability to work and revise independently is a crucial life skill. If you are uncertain of what needs to be done, please do not hesitate to contact your child’s teachers.

I do hope that you all have a good break over the Christmas period.

Yours sincerely

M Gibbons