We have just finished a week of ‘gifted and talented’ opportunities in English for students in Key Stage 3.

The week started with eight students identified as very talented at creative writing participating in a day-long workshop to compete in a national competition run by the BBC. We are awaiting results.

Partway through the week, we heard that one of our entrants for the English Speaking Union national Performing Shakespeare competition has been successful in getting through to the regional finals of the competition. Aynur in Year 7 will perform her monologue from Twelfth Night in the northwest final on 7 February at Altrincham Grammar School. (The image below is from her video entry for the competition).

The week ended with a group of 10 students across KS3, all of whom have participated over the last two years in our Shakespeare Club, attending a live screening of the RSC’s performance of The Tempest at Theatre Clwyd in Mold, on Friday evening. All thoroughly enjoyed the amazing show, which combined modern digital technology with traditional costume and interpretation to recreate the world of magic within this famous play.

Mrs Hepworth