Year 8, Mrs Austin and Miss Madeley went to the World Museum on a biology-themed day. We did a biology quiz and learned about spiders, scorpions and insects. Here are some of the fascinating facts we discovered…

  • If you are camping and want to check if there are any scorpions around at night, shine a UV torch around and any previously-undetected scorpions which are in your vicinity will suddenly glow a greeny/purple colour.
  • Male stick insects can be vicious and can even draw blood if you hold them incorrectly.
  • The colour of a praying mantis is determined by the humidity levels the insect experienced as a young mantis.

In addition to all this mind-boggling information, in the marine-themed workshop we heard how starfish eat… brace yourselves for this! They eject their stomachs through their mouths and digest the food directly. When we had recovered from this revelation, we were able to experience the sea anemone clinging onto our fingers; luckily our skin is too thick for the poison barbs to penetrate.

This is a very engaged, delightful year group and they found the ‘wow factor’ – so well-provided by the World Museum – in every gallery they visited.

Our pictures (taken in very poor light) still manage to show the following: A pupil in front of a giant crab behind; starfish; a stick insect; scorpions under UV light; a pterosaur; a 50 million year old fossil palm leaf; and an anemone clinging onto a finger.

Mrs Austin