“What could we do to finish off our exciting Roman topic?” thought the Year 3 and 4 children.

Mr Rentell put his thinking cap on and wondered about going to Chester. After all, there was a huge Roman fortress there once upon a time…. Or perhaps request a talk by an expert in archaeology and all things Roman? Or what about a visit to a museum, he mused?

Everyone thought that it would be good fun to march around Chester dressed in Roman armour with a Centurion barking commands at them at the top of his voice.

“Now, now –  sensible suggestions only, children”, said Mr Rentell.

Strangely enough, it was a very sensible suggestion! We did march around Chester, formed a Testudo and learned how to repel cavalry. We did visit a museum – The Grosvenor – and even had a presentation by their Education Officer (admittedly not an archaeologist but the next best thing).

All in all, it was an excellent way to finish the half term and our Roman topic!

M Rentell