It is easy to forget that part of growing up is overcoming reticence about normal social interactions – like asking for things in shops, answering telephones with confidence, dealing with strangers and so on…

This week, as a contrast to the usual school activities, a group of KS3 students went to the Yog Bar in Hoylake for just such practice.

The purpose of the trip was to have the entire outing conducted in a mature, confident and sensible way. It included everyone being self-aware at all times and respecting the general public as we walked from school to the top of Hoylake, then ordering what they wanted in a calm, controlled and mature way, remembering ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ and then eating their yogs sensibly before returning to school.

We all had a very enjoyable, mature time – and really enjoyed our ‘Yogs’, too, as you can see from the photos below!

Miss Davies, Mrs Mudaligue & Mrs Boojawon