The Early Years department was lucky enough to have a visit from Nurse Amanda this week!

As part of our topic investigating “people who help us” we had a visit from Nurse Amanda who told us all about working in the doctors’ surgery and working in a hospital. She said that when nurses work in hospitals they do the same thing as in the doctors’ surgery, but they look after you when you’re sleeping, as well as giving medicines when you are awake.

We found out that the nurse’s uniform helps people to know she’s a nurse and the short sleeves help her when she washes her hands to get rid of germs. Nurse Amanda went on to tell us all about how germs can make us poorly and she told us how she helps us to stay healthy. We learnt about how injections are a little bit ‘ouchy’ but that what is inside the injection keeps us protected from germs that could make us really poorly.

We saw the otoscope, which nurses and doctors use to look down your ears and we had a turn with the stethoscope to listen to our heartbeat. We all watched the numbers going up and up on the blood pressure machine when she took Mrs Gois’s blood pressure and discovered that this is how the nurse knows how well your heart is beating.

Nurse Amanda also showed us some very sticky plasters and told us the best way to take them off so they don’t hurt – in the bath! The last things we looked at were the different bandages that nurses use and how they help sore legs, arms or heads to get better. We learnt such a lot, so thank you very much Nurse Amanda!

Mrs Gois

• When she left us, Nurse Amanda wrote some lovely things about us on her Facebook page! Here’s what she said: “I had the pleasure of being with these remarkable children on Tuesday morning! I was at Kingsmead School in Hoylake with the early years crew! And how FABULOUS were they?! VERY! Such bright, inquisitive and chatty children, an absolute credit to not only the school, teachers but their parents too. I had such fun chatting with them, and meeting the teachers. This school is a lovely place to learn and all the children were happy and full of life! Loved it! THANK YOU for having me!”