THE quantity of sugar consumed in the average British diet is unhealthily high and well-known chefs such as Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and Jamie Oliver have been campaigning to help us eat more healthily.

But most of us love to have a cake for a treat, so our Year 10 Food Preparation and Nutrition students have been looking at ways of adapting recipes to reduce sugar and add dietary fibre, two of the Government’s recommendations for a healthy diet.

Students discovered that they could improve recipes by:

  • Reducing the refined sugar content of the recipe by 25%
  • Swapping white flour for wholemeal flour to add more dietary fibre
  • Using oats along with flour for more fibre
  • Using fruit and vegetables to add dietary fibre and sweetness (leaving the peel on apples and carrots for even more fibre)
  • Using low fat cream cheese for frosting instead of sweet icing.

They also discovered recipes for making healthier cakes out of almost any vegetable – even sprouts, kale, peas and spinach!

They chose appetising recipes such as apple cake, carrot cake and blueberry muffins, plus a chocolate cake with a secret vegetable ingredient… cauliflower! The results were available for tasting on Open Evening and those who dared to try the chocolate and cauliflower cake did not regret it – it was delicious. It came a close second in the popularity chart, but the winner was Ross Hewitt’s Banana and Blueberry Muffins – well done Ross.

Thanks to Year 10, we can have our cake and eat it!